Chinese Insults

“It was a Chinese restaurant, and they did it just because they needed the money. We were young comics, and very vulgar.They actually hated us. You know, the Chinese are so classy as people.

“Everyone was very dirty, and did every stupid Chinese joke. After the show we’re drinking in the lobby with Bobby W. ‘Rrrr, we were fucking great tonight. We fucking killed. …’

“A little man comes over and goes, ‘Aw, listen, you big mouth. You do your thing in that room, and that’s fine. You now in lobby. OK? Watch your language, big mouth. OK? Chinese people don’t like that stuff. OK? Show some respect!’

“Byron said, ‘OK, pal. Take it easy. Didn’t mean to offend anybody. Alright? OK, that’s better.’ They shake hands.

“I turn around, and Bobby goes, “Fucking Chinks!’

“The guy turned around, ‘You! You think you’re tough guy!’

“‘Take it easy, Small Fry!’ says Bobby.

“I said, ‘Oh, Bobby. Let’s get out of here.’

“‘Why? What are you afraid of?’

“I said, ‘Let’s get out of here.’ We walked to the car. then we hear, ‘Woo woo woo!’ And there’s fourteen of them with knives and cleavers, running at us. We got in the car, locked the door and took off. I literally wet my pants that night. They were banging on the roof of the car. It was very scary.”