Who’s the Old Man, Now?

When the Mariel boat people came in from Cuba we grabbed a guy who killed two guys in a bar. He was a classic guy, real cool, had a lot of personality, tattoos on his lip.

Two young Spanish guys were bothering him at the bar, calling him an old man, harassng the shit out of him. He turns around and shoots the two of them. Kills one right there in the bar. The guy drops. The other guy staggers out into the street. He follows that guy, puts one in his head right in the street, walks back in the bar, puts his gun on the bar.

He was drinking a bottle of Heinikein when the cops come. It was a ground ball murder for us.

We get an interpreter and sit down with him.

Here’s a guy who spent twenty five years in a Castro jail in Havana. What are we going to do to this guy?

He told us flat out, “Hey, they bothered me, so I killed them. Yeah, I’ll go to jail here. It’s better than being in a dungeon in Cuba.”