You’re Not Getting In

In this last incident a kid tried to force his way into the cafeteria. He tried to push past a female security officer. She wouldn’t let him in and called me over to help.

Now he’s talking very loud, very big. Behind me are 500 kids. He’s going to show that he’s new in school and no one’s going to stand in his way. He started pushing me around.

I’m saying, “Just keep your hands to yourself. You’re not getting in.”

He went nose to nose with me then told me I was very sweet and kissed me on my cheek.

In my mind I’m trying to defuse the situation. Should I hit him now with 500 kids behindme and start a riot? Without knowing the kid, it was my feeling that he had been in prison. He was trying to get me to initiate something. I pushed him off me. Two security officers stepped in.

Our next step was to get him out. He punched a female security officer in the chest and knocked her over a table. I started restraining him.

Other kids jumped in saying, “Don’t hit DeGennaro.” At that point he ran out of the cafeteria. The situation’s over.

Ten minutes later the same kid comes running back, full speed screaming, I’m going to get you.” Cursing big time.

I’m short and stocky. He tried to knock me down, ran into me and fell back. I didn’t move. If I fell down in front of all these kids…it’s crazy you have to play these mind games, but you have to.

He got up and started punching me in the side of my face. We started wrestling again. That’s when I tore my rotator cuff. I held him up against the wall. The security officers handcuffed him.

When we took him out he started crying, “I want my mommy.” This was the second high school he was in, and he went on to a third school. He had been arrested twice before.